In 2017, inspired and created by our military, Home at Last was founded on the premise of educating and protecting our service members and their families.

HOME at LAST, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Government Contractor and HUD-approved affiliated housing counselor, exists to help those who serve/have served, Achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership. Fueled by passion, generosity, and an unwavering commitment to help, HOME at LAST seeks out to EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, & PROTECT our Thin Line families during their real estate process.

If there is any segment of our population that deserves to own their own home it would be those that have sacrificed themselves for the freedom and benefit of others.

After extensive market research and outreach, HOME at LAST found that our Thin Line families are being taken advantage of by for-profit banks & Realtors. Our Thin Line families, not fully knowledgeable or informed on the benefits available to them, would rely on these banks & Realtors for their Home Loan information. Unfortunately, these sources of information were often inaccurate, misleading, & in some cases, harmful.

Our organization is built upon high standards. We believe that our success is measured by the positive impact that we have on the lives of our service members, first responders, co-workers, and community. Respect for everyone is a standard, not an objective. As an organization, we genuinely care about the well-being of others. By donating our time and resources, we make a difference in our community. We achieve more collectively than we ever could individually.

Our team of educators, real estate professionals, mortgage professionals, credit repair experts, attorneys’, inspectors, movers, etc., are committed to working with you to help you become a homeowner or to sell your home. We do NOT cost you anything – there is no charge for our services.

  1. Home Loan Readiness Program: The HOME at LAST Readiness Program will make sure you know what to expect and what is expected of you, all while ensuring that you have a satisfying real estate experience.

  2. Homeownership Advocacy: Advocate nationally to develop counseling programs, help implement legislation, & financial protection against scams that target our military and first responder community.

  3. Financial Literacy Education: Provide housing education through live and online courses on such topics as financial literacy, the pre-approval process, your credit, the process of becoming a homeowner, etc.

  4. Emergency Closing Costs Assistance: Covering the shortfall in closing costs is imperative in order to make sure our Thin Line families do not lose the opportunity to become homeowners. Our Thin Line families work endlessly to provide us the freedom and opportunities we have as a nation. We need to ease their minds and have them focus on the fight while we step up and support them and their families.

  5. Maintainable Housing: Build housing communities to provide easy access to homeownership for our Thin Line Community. Provide maintainable home buying opportunities.

  6. Veteran Job Creation: Providing job opportunities by offering the ability to join a community of your peers in order to build community housing for our Thin Line Community.