In 2017, inspired & created by our service members, Home at Last was founded on the premise of educating & protecting our service members and their families.

HOME at LAST, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) housing & educational organization, exists to help those who serve. Fueled by passion, generosity, and an unwavering commitment to help, HOME at LAST seeks out to EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, & ADVISE our Thin Line families nationwide by providing homeownership, financial literacy education, & career development.

If there is any segment of our population that deserves to own their own home, it would be those that have sacrificed themselves for the freedom and benefit of others.

If there is any segment of our population that deserve life & career guidance post their years of service, it would be those that have sacrificed themselves for the freedom and benefit of others.

Our organization is built upon high standards. We believe that our success is measured by the positive impact that we have on the lives of our service members, first responders, co-workers, and community. Respect for everyone is a standard, not an objective. As an organization, we genuinely care about the well-being of others. By donating our time and resources, we make a difference in our community. We achieve more collectively than we ever could individually.

Our team of educators, real estate professionals, mortgage professionals, credit repair experts, career counselors, attorneys’, etc., are committed to working with you. We do NOT cost you anything – there is no charge for our services.

  1. Home Loan Readiness Program: The HOME at LAST Readiness Program will make sure you know what to expect and what is expected of you, all while ensuring that you have a satisfying real estate experience.

  2. Homeownership Advocacy: Advocate nationally to develop counseling programs, help implement legislation, and financial protection against scams that target our military and first responder community.

  3. Financial Literacy Education: Provide housing education through live and online courses on such topics as financial literacy, the pre-approval process, your credit, and the process of becoming a homeowner, etc.

  4. Career & Professional Development: A pioneering & results-driven learning experience to enhance your career or guide you through your next phase of life.

  5. Veteran Job Creation: Providing job opportunities by offering the ability to join a community of your peers throughout many different industries.


My family and I started the process of buying our first home back in 2018 and we hit every bump and roadblock there is along the way. It wasn’t until we began working with Home at Last that things started to fall in place for us. If it wasn't for their help, guidance, support, and direction, I don’t think we would have made it to this point. We finally closed and received keys on our home on Friday, December 17, 2021. This team was there to answer every question, address every concern, and make sure we understood what was going on. Thank you Home at Last for everything! Working with them was hands down the best decision made!!

Sharnee G. - Nurse

Looking back on the process, we wanted to stop to say thank you! The process from start to finish was at times challenging. These challenges have brought a greater appreciation for the process. At times we needed to be patient. Other times we needed to be persistent. We are thankful for the work you did for us and are very happy that institutions such as Home at Last exist to make the home buying process easy. We wish you continued success and prosperity for you and your family.

Christinia & Mark H. - U.S Marine Veteran & Police Officer

We were delighted when we were recommended to Home at Last during a meeting with our on base advisor while we prepared to retire from the Military. Home at Last made the transition from Military Life to Civilian life easier for us and doing all of this remotely was no big deal. The hardest part was finding a House. This team made the whole buying experience much easier and helped guide us through the process making sure we were getting the best level of service from our lender and our realtor. They explained everything to us from the beginning which was valued information - as you could easily be taken advantage of if you didn't know what or who you were dealing with. We have recommended Home at Last to all of our Military friends who are either moving or separating from the Military. Thanks' Home at Last for an easy Transition.

Wayne S. - U.S Army Veteran

My experience working with Home at Last was a super easy process. They made it very easy by guiding me step by step throughout the entire process. If I didn’t know something or wasn’t clear with anything I bumped into, I would ask and they had the resources and tools to help. All you have to do is make a call and they are there to help! Thanks a lot team, you are all awesome!

Robert F. - Firefighter

Being a veteran, correctional officer, and my wife starting her career as a teacher, we are greatly appreciative of the Home at Last team. Thank you all for the time, effort, and the contributions to the veterans and civil servant occupations. Much appreciation!

John & Joyce A. - U.S Air Force Veteran, Correctional Officer, & Teacher

I just wanted to say thank you for the quality of work you exhibited during the purchase of my first home. You stuck to your word every step of the way. I had a horrible experience with my bank, however you stepped up when I needed you the most and you were the only one I trusted during the process. You felt my frustrations; somehow you managed to bring calm to the chaos I was facing. You’ve cemented yourself to be my lifetime Real Estate company. Your support for first responders was more than I expected.

Nicole R. - U.S Navy Veteran

Home at Last has an amazing ability to assemble a top notch team to help you find your dream home. When they tell you that they will partner with you every step of the way, they really mean it! The team was always available for phone calls, texts, and emails. If the whip needs to be cracked, they are not afraid to crack it. Also, they are great at calming nerves and bringing you back down to earth when things get stressful. I would highly, highly recommend Home at Last to any first responder looking to buy or sell a home!!

Wayne S. - Correctional Officer