Real Estate Affiliates
All HOME at LAST agent affiliates have either served themselves or are part of a family that has. They include professionals at the boutique and independent real estate companies, as well as many nationally known brands. Each agent affiliate comes at NO cost to you with the backing of the HOME at LAST team.

Mortgage Affiliates
Lender affiliates include professionals at a variety of banks and independent mortgage companies, as well as many nationally known brands. They have taken a HOME at LAST oath to NOT charge any bank fees and to serve our Thin Line Families at no cost with the lowest rates possible.

National Thin Line Organization Sponsors
We continue to build relationships and partnerships with national and regional organizations to get involved by serving more Thin Line families. Each sponsor provides discounts or other benefits to our families throughout and beyond the real estate transaction. Such businesses include Home Inspections, Real Estate Attorney’s, Title Companies, Moving Companies, Contractors, Landscaping, and many others.

National Marketing & Advertising
HOME at LAST uses digital marketing focused on SEO, content marketing (blog, social media, and email), pay-per-click ads (Google Adwords and Facebook), public relations, and events.

For more information contact us at (833) 838-7338 or info@homeatlast.us