HOME at LAST runs on the support of our members, sponsors, & available HUD grants. We do not charge any client that comes through our organization. Your donation supports our various programs to increase sustainable homeownership among the military, veteran, and thin line communities. We envision a community with equal access to quality, affordable housing, and pathways to increased wealth and financial freedom.
HOME at LAST has provided services to more than 3,000 families in housing counseling, purchasing a home, and maintaining their homes. We will continue to help families and individuals own homes, learn how to make good financial decisions and avoid foreclosure. So how are we going to do it? The same way we always have – through the generous support of our partners: housing and banking professionals, local government, businesses, community leaders, neighborhood residents, and concerned citizens like you.
If there is any segment of our population that deserves to own their own home, it would be those that have sacrificed themselves for the freedom and benefit of others.
If there is any segment of our population that deserves life & career guidance post their years of service, it would be those that have sacrificed themselves for the freedom and benefit of others.
How Your Donation Helps
  • A donation of $100 will cover a one-hour credit counseling session and budget planning for an individual.
  • A donation of $500 will enroll an individual or family into our Home at Last Readiness Program that will ultimately have them achieve the American Dream of Homeownership.
  • A donation of $1,000 will enroll an individual or family into our Financial, Budgeting, & Development program for life that will provide them constant support throughout their personal life and/or business career.
  • A donation of $10,000 will help an individual or family cover a portion of their closing costs and/or down payment.

HAL’s Emergency Housing Assistance Fund (coming soon)

HAL’s Emergency Housing Assistance Fund assists Thin Line Families who are confronting emergency housing needs and lacking the funds to cover these immediate costs. We are in the process of building this fund out and currently looking for financial support. Applications are NOT being accepted at this time. 

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for these emergency funds, an applicant must be a Veteran or First Responder facing an immediate housing hardship. An applicant must also have a personal net worth equal to or below the net worth limit established by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Eligible Veterans or First Responders can receive up to $5,000 a piece to help cover their emergency housing expenses. For each period, a total of $100,000 in emergency housing assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Covered Expenses

Eligible housing needs may include, but are not necessarily limited to: 

  • Emergency financial assistance to a Veteran/First Responder whose home was badly damaged in a fire or natural disaster. 
  • Renovating a Veteran’s/First Responder’s home that is no longer accessible due to the onset or worsening of a disability.   
  • Gaining temporary shelter when a Veteran/First Responder suddenly loses access to their home or a Veteran’s/First Responder’s home becomes no longer safely habitable.
  • Replacing or repairing an essential home appliance that has been destroyed or severely damaged (e.g., furnace, water heater, etc.). 
  • Covering rent, utilities, or property tax payments that a Veteran/First Responder missed due to illness or emergency.

Application (coming soon)

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Wells Fargo,  Island Piling,  Contour Mortgage,  The Klein Family,  The Livoti Family,  PSEG,  and many more.