Here at HOME at LAST, we are a collaborative community and we need your help.

Make a difference in your own community.

Build relationships that will help Thin Line families.

Join a network of your peers working to protect a nation.

HOME at LAST Ambassadors are volunteers who help us reach out across the country and directly connect those who are in need with those who are in a position to help.

What are the requirements for becoming an Ambassador?

Should have a connection to the Thin Line community; having worn the uniform, have a family member who has served, or have a strong personal passion for our Thin Line families.

Must have the patience, compassion, and temperament that allows you to support others.

Must be trustworthy and believe in our mission.

Must be willing to expose our brand, make connections, and help us grow as an organization.

What will I be doing as an ambassador?

Raising awareness and sharing information about HOME at LAST.

Connect with other Pro Thin Line Organizations.

Promote and introduce HOME at LAST to those who can spread our mission and help others.

Distributing HOME at LAST promotional materials within your community (that we will provide) to help ensure that everyone who needs us knows how to find us

Encourage their community to become supporters by introducing friends, family members, and strangers to HOME at LAST.

Helping us identify and develop best practices for increasing awareness and growing our community.

What support and tools can I expect to receive?

We will provide you the training, tools, and information you will need to succeed.

You will have the opportunity to be featured on our social media channels.

You will have the opportunity to receive personal perks and get rewarded for your efforts.

In what states can I apply to be an Ambassador?

You can apply to become an Ambassador anywhere within the United States of America.

What do I have to do to become an ambassador?

Please complete the form below.